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CTAPPS and ShepHertz are happy to announce our partnership in building a remote working and hybrid ecosystem. Remote and hybrid workspaces are here to stay and we’re here to help businesses maintain a trustworthy, accountable and productive working ecosystem with the solution, wAnywhere.  

Partnership with Shephertz
Manage remote working environment

Remote working is becoming a trend these days. A survey by slack found that 72% of 9,000 workers in six countries prefer a hybrid remote-office model, while only 12% want to work exclusively in an office environment. This trend has become highly popular because it allows for increased flexibility which is something everyone wants nowadays. As long as you have a computer or tablet with and internet connection, you're good to go!


However, remote work is not without its challenges for both employers and employees. The new modality may cause communication difficulties, decreased staff productivity, alienation and a high turnover rate. Employee productivity is the core point for the growth of an organisation. This makes remote workspace becomes more crucial to track and monitor remote employees. Leaders want to honour the flexibility that employees desire, but they’re concerned about sustaining team performance and culture if team members work primarily from home, in the long term. Flexibility for workers makes coordination difficult and remote workers may feel neglected. Hybrid work raises issues of trust, accountability and measuring performance.


Here come the benefits of workforce monitoring and management system. The system provided by our partner ShepHertz is all businesses need for remote working productivity management. You don’t have to deal with manual paper works when monitoring remote employees. Instead, you can track employee productivity in a more automated and comfortable way. A remote employee monitoring system helps to make an employee accountable by tracking their daily work schedule and task progress. This will improve the employee’s productivity and will help to create a trusted environment.

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