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Crisis alert and response management



Emergencies are often unpredicted. While crisis can neither be anticipated nor prevented, they can be planned for. The effects of a crisis can be minimized through preparation and technology.

Businesses that prepare for potential threats and equip themselves accordingly along with a carefully considered series of actions will be empowered during an emergency. CARMS implements a solution easily and optimizes the level of responsiveness especially in emergency situations, focusing on the importance of safety.


Improved Efficiency

Agents are not required to dial emergency contacts one by one. Automate it and view reports and response from the PC.

Ease of Deployment

Highly scalable, flexible, modular and secure. Modules and features can be added by phase based on current needs.

Tailor Made for Crisis

Contacts can be contacted simultaneously with retries. Responses will be recorded for administration and crisis management.

Respond quickly to crisis to mitigate potential damage, ensure stakeholder confidence, and facilitate efficient resolution


Easy to Use & Cross-Platform

All user interfaces are developed into web pages. It can be accessed from Windows, MAC or Linux Desktop Environment (GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon).

Outbound Campaigns Operations

Get proactive sales with various dialers which increase an agent’s productivity. Auto dialers can detect when a call is connected thus reducing wait time. The major beneficiaries are B2B, banking and insurance industries.

Manage & Monitor

Simple steps to launch reports and information on contacts’ responses that can be viewed from the computer.

Diversity Across Multi-platform

Integrates easily with SMS, a dial analogue/digital extension, walkie-talkie system, mobile phones and landlines.

Contact Management

Contacts can be uploaded and managed easily. Those with more than one number can be dialled after a number of retries or sequentially to improve the chances of a successful call.

Conferencing & Lecture Modes

Allows all emergency team members to stay connected to discuss the current situation. It also allows an on-site member to update and request for additional help from the control centre.

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