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Greenet solution

We are thrilled to announce that CTAPPS has entered a new strategic partnership with GreeNet. Based in Beijing, China, GreeNet is a provider of DPI based solutions for major telcos in China and other parts of the world.

GreeNet founded in 2003 and has been successfully enhancing and protecting the internet experience for billions of people.  Its technology suites include the necessary big data/analytics and data retention systems required for many use cases such as monitoring QoS regulatory frameworks, network performance improvement, regulatory content filtering and many more.


Intelligent Network Awareness Solution (INAS)

INAS captures a rich variety of network flow information such as IP, application, user usage and quality experience in real-time. INAS also transforms and stores the granular IP traffic and output XDRs for analysis.

Super Intelligent Network Element (SINE)

Communication Service Providers use GreeNet’s patented SINE technology for a full range of solutions from analytics to security. SINE has been deployed widely in a number of global service providers and international roaming partners.

VoLTE Analytics

VoLTE Analytics give full visibility to allow Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to have deeper insight and analytics in their VoLTE services. Deploying VolTE analytics allow CSPs to monitor the network data security, assess user awareness, diagnose fault and network optimization.

Network Traffic

Analysis (NTA)

NTA allows Communication Service Providers to gain an overview, analyze and optimize their network. It gives the capability to identify bandwidth spikes for better network management.

IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics provides Communication Service Providers and their customers deep insight into their network and data to allow for smart business decision making.

We look forward to meet your every need.  Talk to our experts to know more about these solutions.

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