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Call your customer automatically and



ARIA Dialer is a fully web-based outbound customer engagement software designed to automate your outbound customer engagement campaigns by delivering customer contact details to agents based on campaign parameters.

Agents are able to review customer details prior to placing the call to them, ensuring they are well prepared before engaging the customer. These features empower agents while leveraging automation and ensuring powerful and meaningful engagements with customers.


Increase Accuracy & Efficiency

Allows an agent to review customer details ensuring they are well prepared before calling a customer up. These empower agents to deliver meaningful engagements. It improves an agent's efficiency through automation and increases connection rate.

Achieve The Right Results

Set data filtering to process only desired contacts to achieve target/goals. Generate revenue through campaigns to reaching the right group of customers. Automate call processes to experience a jump in conversion rates and accelerated sales!

Boost Revenue & Productivity

Increase connection and conversation rate to generate more revenue. Reach a greater number of customers, reduces the call drop ratio, wait time and automatically route calls to available agents. Optimize operations with a progressive dialer.

Build customer relationships with consistent communication, personalized interactions, and a genuine understanding of their needs and preferences


Dynamic Contract Data


Define up to 8 contact-specific data (excluding phone number), referred to as contact data fields or form fields on per campaign basis.

Data fields can be classified as numeric, text or named accordingly. It can be searched, exported and updated based on the defined data fields.

Allows an agent to view defined data fields for each contact & can update it when necessary.

Dynamic Disposition Reason

After processing contact records, agents flags the record with a disposition reason. Disposition reasons are dynamic & managed as a list.

In a campaign creation, apply the desired disposition reason list. Each list is classified as ‘open’ or ‘final’ and be given a sorting order index.

The ‘final’ list can further be classified with a reason which is dynamic. It is managed as a list too. These classifications can be viewed as reports.

Call Recording

All calls can be recorded for performance audit & training purposes.

It uses the MP3 format for efficient storage utilization. Recording starts when a call is answered.

Single recording file for both agent & contact. These recordings can be searched, played back & downloaded from the web-based UI.

ITSP & PABX Agnostic

Supports major telephony interface protocol: SIP trunk, SIP extension, ISDN, ISUP SS7/SIGTRAN.

Call termination via multiple ITSP.

Configurable call load distribution via multiple ITSP with failover. Configurable caller ID per ITS.

Contact Filtering & Target Setting

Set data filtering per campaign basis to process only desired contact data & set quantity targets/goals to achieve for each filter.

Filtering & targets can be defined in the defined contact data fields of each campaign. Allows multiple filters.

Combine data fields in a filter & target. Track targets in real-time on the dashboard.

Real Time Dashboard

Real-time dashboard to show a campaign's overview.

It also reflects the status summary in chart & tabular format type of reports.

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