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Reporting on telephone usage


MyCallSystem enables control over an organisation’s telephone usage. It captures and reports on all call type, origin, date, time and dialled numbers. It stores call data and utilises the information to calculate the cost based on its call rate plan.

Organizations are able to monitor and manage telephone call usage effectively. This increases productivity and effective cost management.


Cost Saving

Highlight exceptional costs and enable informed cost reduction decisions to be
made. Reduce the administrative cost of recharging from carrier bills. Identify redundant equipment and services, saving resources. Track fraud and misuse/abuse to avoid unnecessary costs.

Auto Alert & Auto Email

Automatic daily email warnings of failure to meet thresholds for the call duration, lost calls, trunk capacity etc. Secure, reliable and scalable. Trace calls through the telephony system to investigate why calls are lost or abandoned.

Seamless Interface

MCS supports most major PABX like Panasonic, NEC, Siemens, Avaya etc. It can handle an unlimited number of trunk lines and extensions. Supports major telephony interface protocol: SIP trunk, SIP extension, Serial RS232, TCP/IP, FTP/SFTP, direct database access, etc.



User-Friendly Interface

Instantly analyze call charges through the dashboard. Graphical representation of
extensions along with call costs and group-wise representation is made

Dashboard layout shows total call count, incoming connected calls,
incoming missed calls, outgoing connected calls, outgoing failed calls and the cost. Search option is present in the dashboard to get reports based on calls
made today, this week, present month and year

Automated Report & Alert

The report can be auto-generated during the off-peak hour and auto sends through email to pre-defined user’s email account any time.

The system will auto alert email to a pre-defined administrator email account to notify if experience connection failure with PABX.

Comprehensive Report

Generate detailed reports on telephone usage by extension, department, country
or account code. Report information includes destination and length of call and cost incurred, whether it is local, STD or IDD calls.

Users also have the choice of seeing reports in tabulated and graphical formats on screen or in hard copies. This system is highly useful for cost allocation purpose in organizations with numerous departments and divisions.

Import & Export Tools

System able to export and import the rate plan and extension list for backup or modification purposes.

Security Features

Administrators can determine the security level for their call accounting system by limiting the number of users. These users can only access the system by limiting the number of users. These users can only access the system when they log in their name and password.

MCS built with Software Password Control Features, Built-in Application Features for Automatic Logging of Security Violations, Source Code Security, Secure Coding Techniques for Web Application.

Multiple Telco Rate Plan

System supports multiple telcos rate plan and it can be applied on different call types and destinations.

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