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Manage your pabx billing system capturing all call transactions and generate invoice



One of the major pillars of any business is having a dependable and reliable billing system. A strong billing management system should provide a comprehensive solution that allows tracking, detailed reporting of transactions and invoicing with accuracy and reliability.

MYINVOICE billing management system can do just that. Our all-in-one centralised system solution captures records transactions and generates invoices. It is easy to use and minimizes human error through automation and has evolved into one of the most trusted billing solutions in the region.


Cost Saving

Reduce the administrative cost of recharging from carrier bills, identify redundant equipment, track fraud and misuse to avoid unnecessary costs.


Allows the tracking and control of communication usage of the organization automatically through a network connection to any corporate switch.

Boost Productivity

Provide insight into a company’s telecom usage (call destination, calling party, date, duration). Can also be used to determine and improve employee productivity.

Call transactions and generate invoices

Multi-Type Billing

Customize a client's recurring billing schedule.

All outstanding fees and hourly time-based charges will be consolidated into a single invoice based on the number of days, weeks or months.

Unified Billing

Eliminates separate billing to your customer with a unified solution which removes the possibility of error with manual input.

Multiple Rate Plan


User can generate and set a multi-rate plan base on different tenant and purpose.

It lists all competitor rate plan, replicates, removes, add new, edit, copies and deletes the rate plan which was stored.

Automatic Line Barring

The call will be automatically barred due to the late payment or any other issue arise from customers. This depends on the API.

Customer Account Management

Establishing a single point of data entry which improves operating efficiency.

This enables customers to be billed consistently in the current month in which they initially consume their services.

Credit Management Alert

If the credit level is low or payment is late, an alert will be sent via email, and optionally via SMS or IVR to the participating customers.


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