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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable development is a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years. One of these 17 goals is SDG 8, which focuses on Decent Work and Economic Growth. SDG 8 aims to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. It recognizes that decent work and economic growth are essential for poverty reduction, social integration, and sustainable development. The goal is grounded in the belief that everyone has the right to work in conditions that are safe, secure, and dignified, and that everyone should have access to opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.

There are several targets under SDG 8 that help to guide efforts towards achieving decent work and economic growth. These targets include promoting sustained economic growth and higher levels of productivity, reducing informality in the labour market, increasing access to financial services and markets, and protecting labour rights and promoting safe and secure working environments.

CTAPPS as a business that operates in the technology industry, recognizes the importance of its role in contributing towards SDG 8, which is focused on Decent Work and Economic Growth. CTAPPS is committed to support economic growth by contributing to the development of the technology industry in Malaysia. The company recognizes that the technology industry is a key driver of economic growth and job creation, and it aims to play its part in contributing towards the growth of the industry. CTAPPS does this by investing in research and development, building its technical capabilities, and providing high-quality services to its clients.

In addition, we recognize the importance of protecting labour rights and promoting decent working conditions. The company ensures that all its employees are provided with fair compensation, benefits and working conditions. CTAPPS also ensures that its employees are treated with respect and dignity, and that their rights are protected. We are also committed in creating decent jobs by providing employment opportunities in the technology industry. The company provides its employees with opportunities for career growth and development, and it aims to create a work environment that is conducive to productivity and innovation. CTAPPS also supports the development of the technology industry by providing training and development programs for its employees and by collaborating with educational institutions to provide training and employment opportunities for students.

In conclusion, CTAPPS is committed to contributing towards SDG 8 by supporting economic growth, protecting labour rights and creating decent jobs in the technology industry. The company recognises the importance of its role in promoting sustainable development, and it is committed to operating in a responsible and ethical manner that contributes towards achieving SDG 8.

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