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Enhancing Customer Engagement: A Journey Through Seamless Experiences

As the echoes of our recent Customer Experience (CX) event still resonate, let's delve into the exciting moments during the demo of our ARIA Contact Center, attended by C-suite members from Cambodia's BFSI industry. In this post-event article, let's revisit the highlights, focusing particularly on the presentation of three new features that garnered significant interest and attention.

1. Web Phone in Banking App and Agent Dashboard:

A standout feature was our revolutionary Web Phone seamlessly integrated into both the banking app and the contact center agent dashboard. This cutting-edge addition empowers users to make calls directly within the banking app, offering a user-friendly and efficient means to connect with customer service. Instead of searching online for the contact center number, potentially causing confusion, customers only need to log into their bank application and call customer service directly.

Simultaneously, agents benefit from an enhanced dashboard experience, ensuring smooth communication and swift issue resolution. When connected to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, agents can recognise incoming callers and conduct a KYC process, ensuring the customer is genuine and preventing fraudulent activity. Also, using a customised Web Phone helps in optimising your network and infrastructure, potentially leading to faster call connections and improved call quality.

2. Request to Return Call to a Phone Number:

Another feature that captured attention was the introduction of our Request to Return Call feature. Do you know what is the most frustrating, terrible customer experience when a customer trying to reach your contact center? According to HubSpot research done in 2021, 33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold. Recognising the frustration of customers having to wait on hold, we incorporated ARIA with a callback function, reducing the friction between customers and the contact center service.

This customer-focused enhancement allows users to request a callback from customer service at their preferred phone number, providing the option to be contacted at an alternate number if they choose. By eliminating the need to wait on hold, this feature not only improves the overall customer experience but also emphasises our dedication to providing adaptable and responsive solutions.

3. Customer Left a Voicemail for a Call Back:

The third feature that sparked considerable excitement was the option for customers to leave a voicemail for a callback. This empowers users to articulate their queries or concerns even when a live agent is unavailable. The voicemail functionality ensures that every customer's voice is heard, fostering a more personalised and considerate approach to issue resolution. On the agent’s side, the voicemail appears directly in the dashboard, making it easier for agents without the need to open another portal or page.

This voicemail function streamlines the experience, reducing friction between the customer and the bank. Our aim is to make it easy and flexible for customers to reach the bank's contact center, contributing to customer retention and increased satisfaction.

In Conclusion:

The demo session wasn’t merely a product showcase; it was a journey of exploration, collaboration and discovery. As we conclude this post-event article, we extend our gratitude to all who participated and contributed to making the demo session a resounding success. If you wish to experience the demo live or explore the offerings we have in store for you, we invite you to reach out and connect with us.

p/s Please enjoy some of the photos from the event 😊😊


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