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Value added services for telco



TELCO VAS provides value-added digital services which are designed to enhance a customer's journey with convenience and entertainment. We ensure existing customers are getting the best value for their money in today's highly-competitive market.

Flexible and fully customisable. With the latest solutions, you can propel your business to deliver an amazing experience to your customers.


Enhance Customer Experience

Providing customers beyond their basic requirements by improving quality, touchpoints, and offerings.

Increase Revenue

Allows mobile operators to attract more subscribers and increase revenue per user through value-added services.

Flexible & Fully Customizable

Customizable according to your needs by utilising our own in-house developer.

Telco VAS


Applications & Games

Comes packed with different types of apps and digital games which can be integrated into your service.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System (CMS) enables multi-channel deployment of content with an adaptation engine across different media and devices.

Business Support System (BSS)

Facilitates the relationship and interaction of service providers with their customers by using voice and web-based business support solutions.

VAS Service Management

We monitor alarms and faults from the operator’s nodes and the VAS providers’ systems. This ensures timely proactive escalation and resolution of issues.

Push Notifications

In-app push notifications that allow you to connect to customers directly with the latest news and updates.

Cross Platform

All the applications and games are compatible across both Android, IOS and WAP devices.

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